Play the classic computer Role Playing Game (cRPG) Neverwinter Nights! Neverwinter Nights (aka NWN or NWN1) is an older single- AND multi- player computer version of classic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG. Although this computer game was released about twelve years ago, the good news is it runs FAST on most any PC running any Windows, Linux or MAC operating system (yeah, it more than likely runs well on that old laptop). More,a substantial NWN-playing community plays online and interact though various websites such as the Bioware/EA NWN Forum, the information services of NeverwinterNights INFO and other sites (Reddit, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, This same community has continued to create and release add-ons for the original game since its release over a decade ago. Come adventure with us!

Part of the Aerthen Realms, Argentum Regio is a NWN server online 24x7 and is listed under the category of 'Role Play' - the server bills itself as being a 'Role-Play-encouraged' server, where new PLAYERS can feel comfortable 'learning-as-you-play' and rest assured that Role-Play flubs won't be held against you, though you are free to *blush* if you miss an '//' *lol* Argentum Regio is a term of the old language, still used by some learned sorts and found in some old tomes and carvings - it is said to mean 'the Land of the Silver King' or 'the Silver Kingdom' - and refers to the land in which the city of Dohral is found.

Dohral is a port city through which goods and resources from inland sources such as the dwarves of the Eastern Citadel or the forests of Toltaw are accessed by the rest of the world. The land is controlled by the nominal 'Silver King'; a dwarven Lord whose power is undisputed in the region, even if he himself hss never been above ground. The human city of Dohral is a client state of this dwarven lord.

Roadways allow travel from these locations and more, cutting through wilderness and rugged places where fell monsters challenge the bold or foolish who dare part from the relative safety of the road.

Like 'Dungeons & Dragons' this NWN server is 'brought to life' by the unseen efforts of our Dungeon Masters (aka DMs) - a feature that makes Neverwinter Nights multiplayer so much better than your basic MMORPG. Come experience the difference, brave dangerous quests, adventure with like spirited gamers in a fast-paced tabletop Role Playing server.

The main or CORE MODULE is comprised of over 1337 Areas, each configured to allow a wide range of CUSTOM actions on the part of the PCs (e.g. Bards carouse, Rogues use windows, Rangers track, Mages scry, etc.).

This set of modules were built with the intent of creating a NWN PW that closely approximates tabletop Dungeons and Dragons.

Founded by a veteran Game Master with over thirty-five years of experience as Game Master, and a like amount of experience as a programmer and game designer.

Joined in the effort by an amazingly talented and very experienced programmer, aka DM Eriniel; who brings a master's hand to the scripting and all technical aspects of the project.
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The Acerian Tradeway is a vast trade route which itself acts as an endpoint for many lesser trade routes. Its length, over water and land, spans many hundreds of miles. The whole of this Tradeway is under the protection of a group of wizards; a mage-guild known as the Cholla.

The Tradeway, it should be noted, is older than the Cholla. It is comprised of a sort of hodge-podge of many smaller intertwined trade routes of lesser significance. These, each as much as the whole, spontaneously formed out of the natural associations of resources and merchants. The popular tale explaining the involvement of the Cholla surrounds a past leader of that guild who was disappointed when items required for his experiments failed to arrive - having been stolen en-route as explained by the sad merchant whose duty it was to inform his client of the bad news. The tales vary in the telling, some have the merchant transformed into some lowly creature, others ascribe that fate to the robber, others still would have them both meet grizzly fates by magecraft. Regardless of HOW the whole thing started, it is a noteworthy fact that today the trade route exists, even thrives, under the watchful protection of the Cholla, and piracy is greatly reduced.

For all that, THIS is the tale of one of those 'trade routes of lesser significance', much lesser significance. This is the tale of -

The City of Dohral

Dohral sits at the edge of a land known as Argentum Regio ("the silver lands"), ... is the CORE MODULE in a project which spans an estimated SIXTEEN MODULES in the telling of, literally, the tales of hundreds of epic quests. The CORE MODULE aka The City of Dohral or COD is pivotal, as a port city where adventurers meet, commerce transacts, and there is ever the whiff of something, perhaps ancient, gently wafting over the whole. These lands, colonized by humans via the sea in the last century, hide an old and dark history thick with blood, smoke and the taint of the arcane. The colonists do as they will, unknowing the secrets of the land, unseeing the fate which imperils all in this bywater of the Acerian Tradeway.

Project Status

Of the several MODULES planned to complete the local story arc, over two thousand Areas have been mapped (the surface maps are created and linked appropriately). Note that each MODULE spans AT LEAST 200 SURFACE (Area) MAPS of 16 x 16 size and an undisclosed number of subterranean maps of varying sizes. The CORE MODULE presently includes 1337+ maps in total.



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